Scrap Metal Services in the Midlands

Walsall Scrap deals primarily in Scrap Metal Services.

Free Collections

Walsall Scrap offers a free collection service for certain items.

These Include:

  • Ferrous Metals (iron, steel)
  • None ferrous Metals (Copper, zinc, tin, aluminium, titanium )
  • All types of cabling, batteries, motors, electrical devices, microchips
  • All types of electrical appliances
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Fully Certified Collections

Walsall Scrap collectors are certified waste carriers, they are experts in recycling and come fully insured and certified. Walsall scrap holds a strict policy on zero fly tipping by its collectors at all times.

What we do

metal trucks
Scrap Metal

Walsall Scrap will remove your scrap metal, appliances and cables within 24 hours free of charge.

scap cars
Scrap Vehicles

Walsall Scrap will pay Cash for scrap vehicles. One of the fleets pickup trucks will collect your unwanted vehicle at a time and place that suits you.

Waste Removal

Walsall Scrap now offers services in waste collection and recycling. From bricks and mortar to house hold waste Walsall Scrap has your waste removal needs covered.

Book a collection

Contact us either by phone or email to book a free collection of your scrap, alternatively use the WhatsApp link at the top of the page to send us a photo of your waste for a free quotation. 

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