Top 5 Best Online Payroll Services 2022 Review
Online Payroll Services

By focusing on plan variety and addressing a full spectrum of small business needs, QuickBooks defines itself as a versatile small business payroll provider. Paychex is a robust cloud-hosted payroll service that manages payroll processing and tax obligations, and provides a host of other HR-related survives. The Paychex Flex platform is accessible online or via the mobile app for iOS and Android devices. You can pay anyone who does work for you through Paychex, including W-2 workers, 1099 contractors and freelancers. Rippling can be a great choice for small businesses, but more importantly, it also supports larger, more complex organizations with dozens or hundreds of employees. It offers robust human resources, benefits administration, and IT management capabilities.

  • We provide in-product knowledge articles to help guide you through common issues and tasks.
  • Paycor’s model might prove cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses, but it could save midsize and large businesses some money as they continue to expand.
  • QuickBooks Payroll offers a 30-day free trial, plus special introductory pricing of 50% off for the first three months.
  • You need to decide if you want the new payroll solution to handle taxes or not.
  • This is the entry-level plan and offers auto payroll, 1099 e-file and pay, product support, and next-day direct deposit.

Despite its superior talent acquisition features, it doesn’t skimp out of essential payroll functionality. The best payroll provider for your company depends on your business size and needs. Through Wave Payroll, you can pay employees and contractors via direct deposit and automatically generate W-2 and 1099 forms for tax season. It takes care of payroll tax payment and filing in 14 states , and offers a self-service employee portal for easy access to tax documents and banking and contact updates. Square’s automates your federal and state tax filings and payments on your behalf at no additional charge. One big plus of using an online payroll service is that it handles your business’s payroll tax responsibilities.

OnPay claims its website allows users to run payroll from anywhere with “just one bar of reception.” But a well-designed app is simply more intuitive and easier to use. Even Gusto offers a limited mobile app for basic employee self-service. If you want or need more options, OnPay integrates smoothly with a select number of third-party apps for accounting, time management, 401, and compliance. It bears noting, though, that OnPay offers the fewest third-party integrations of any product on my list. There are several different pricing models that payroll providers use to charge small businesses for automated payroll. Regardless, the price is actually more affordable than some might think. Typically, there are 3 different models that payroll providers utilize when setting up payroll costs.

Patriot guarantees to file your tax obligations on time and accurately, or they will pay the penalties and interest. Accounting software integration includes both the online and desktop versions of QuickBooks. The best online payroll software products for small businesses take care of payroll dependably and with minimal fuss. For most companies, that means offering tax filing and payment options, direct deposit options, live support and employee online access to past pay stubs.

Payroll services that benefit you:

If you are not using an online payroll service, you will need to submit federal, state, and local taxes yourself. You will also need to submit your federal tax return on your own each quarter, as well as annual filings at the end of each year. There are several ways to go about running payroll online for your small business from your home. Paying employees, contractors and the government accurately and on time is critical for any payroll service provider. Lack of expertise and poor customer service are the main reasons employers look to make a payroll provider change.

Online Payroll Services

QuickBooks Payroll is a logical choice for the many small-business owners who use QuickBooks Online for their accounting needs. Information provided on Forbes Advisor is for educational purposes only. Your financial situation is unique and the products and services we review may not be right for your circumstances. We do not offer financial advice, advisory or brokerage services, nor do we recommend or advise individuals or to buy or sell particular stocks or securities. Performance information may have changed since the time of publication. This table is designed to give you an idea of the relative pricing of the top payroll companies available.

We provide payroll, global HCM and outsourcing services in more than 140 countries. Whether you operate in multiple countries or just one, we can provide local expertise to support your global workforce strategy. See how we help organizations like yours with a wider range of payroll and HR options than any other provider. Payroll4Free’s interface is dated, though the application is easily navigated, with Online Payroll Services a set of tiles on the home screen representing all available payroll features. Compensation may impact the order of which offers appear on page, but our editorial opinions and ratings are not influenced by compensation. And this is frustrating when you begin to deal with reps that know less about the system than you do. Whenever you are promised something and don’t get it, you feel shorted in a way.

Simplifies Compliance

With businesses under greater regulatory scrutiny, payroll software can help ensure that you keep up with changes in local laws and regulations. An example of payroll tax is the Federal Insurance Contributions Act tax. This is a mandatory payroll deduction that employers pay to the IRS to cover Social Security retirement benefits and Medicare for employees. Pricing is fully custom and depends on the features and services your business requires and the size of your business. Deluxe develops a singular approach for each client, given the consultative nature of its team, so it can be difficult to understand the full scope of services Deluxe offers. To understand exactly how Deluxe can fit into your workflow and budget, you’ll need to contact a sales representative for a custom quote. Paychex offers multiple pricing plans that are suitable for businesses of various sizes and needs.

What is the cheapest payroll software to use?

SurePayroll: Cheapest payroll software with the best security. $29/month + $4/per person.

In addition to its online payroll software, Deluxe offers a customer service team to provide support whenever you need it. This team is dedicated to your account, so it will know your business and its needs inside and out, helping you to improve your payroll department and realize new efficiencies. You can use Square Payroll to process payroll for W-2 employees and 1099 contractors. It streamlines payroll by automating the preparation of tax forms based on the data that already exists within your system.

Best for Novice Payroll Managers and Very Small Businesses

It integrates with accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop and Xero. Many online payroll services include features that help you administer benefits in the same platform, as well as integrations for accounting software. Many offer workers the option to get a payment card, so they can receive money before payday and use the card directly to make purchases.

They know exactly what information is needed to complete successful, compliant payroll runs; and they provide extensive help, even submitting your payroll taxes and filings automatically. SurePayroll handles setup, data management, and payroll processing smoothly. It's an excellent choice for many small businesses and also offers versions suitable for multiple vertical industries.

  • Gusto includes a suite of HR features, like administration of health insurance and other benefits, in all its pricing tiers.
  • We reviewed their offerings, watched tutorials and how-to videos, read user comments, reviewed Better Business Bureau ratings and complaints, and tested out services when demos were available.
  • It’s also important to find a service that has great customer service so you can trust them with your sensitive employee information.
  • All three of Intuit QuickBooks Payroll's subscription levels are full-service, meaning the company submits your payroll taxes and filings for you.
  • It can prepare downloadable W-2s and 1099s for free, but if you want OnPay to send hard copies directly to your employees, you’ll pay $5 per recipient plus shipping costs.
  • Without these features, payroll tools don’t offer much you couldn’t do manually with a spreadsheet.

These reps not only ensure your payroll tax compliance, but can also offer tips to save time and money on your reporting and filing processes. The base fee is $36 per month, plus $4 per employee per month. Independent contractors or freelancers count as employees under this model, so you will be charged for any applicable 1099 payments you make. Some payroll companies include human resources services in their platforms. These can include employee onboarding services and tools to create employee handbooks or job templates. QuickBooks Online Payroll by Intuit provides businesses of all sizes with payroll and related tax services. As a cloud-hosted service, it doesn’t require you to install or maintain any software.

HR + Payroll Software Built for You, Loved by Employees

You can increase visibility for employees, as they’ll often be able to log in and view their account information, reducing any awkward, uncomfortable, or accusatory conversations. Our HR department has seen a 40% increase in productivity after switching to Zoho Payroll. As a result, they get more time to do their core function of taking care of our employees and fostering relationships. From viewing salary slips to complying with tax submission deadlines, your employees will never miss a step. Loved the professionalism exhibited by the Zoho Payroll team to help us adopt to a modern day payroll system, within a day. I understand that this consent is not required as a condition of making a purchase.

Online Payroll Services

Another benefit is that the payroll company takes care of the tax filings and payments for you. Most offer a tax guarantee, so if the payroll service makes a mistake when filing or paying your taxes, it will fix the problem and pay any fines you incur. Among the companies we reviewed, QuickBooks Payroll provides some of the most flexible payroll plan options.

Make timecards less time-consuming

SurePayroll offers direct deposit, new-employee reporting, and time and attendance tracking. The application also includes complete tax reporting and remittance, with a mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices.

Online Payroll Services

If you ever need help, our team of trained payroll pros is easy to reach. We give you everything you need to navigate payroll, HR, and benefits — so you can get down to business.


To run payroll, all you need to do is log in, click the “Run Payroll” tab, and provide the requested information. When this is complete, simply click “Submit Payroll” and your employees will be paid. For those working hard to retain top employees, Paychex also offers a total compensation summary for employees. In addition to what they receive in their paycheck, this report details their total compensation. This may include health insurance contributions, retirement contributions, bonuses and other benefits. This report gives employees a clear picture of precisely how much they are receiving from their employer. One of the best features OnPay offers is the ability to run payroll an unlimited number of times.

  • Some payroll services provide mobile access to their software.
  • The best payroll provider for your company depends on your business size and needs.
  • You can process payroll manually, outsource it or use a payroll service platform.
  • Performance information may have changed since the time of publication.
  • Needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.
  • Her work has appeared in publications such as Quartz, the Village Voice, Gothamist, and Slate.

Plus, at its current price, this online payroll software ranks among the least expensive options available. Each of these popular payroll services offers both reasonable prices and strong features for processing your small business's payroll. As part of our comprehensive online payroll services, you'll have a dedicated GMS payroll processor available to answer any questions or concerns you have. The GMS payroll processor will also send payroll reports that are tailored to your business needs. GMS provides a comprehensive web-based payroll solution to ensure compliance, accuracy, and peace of mind for small business owners. Our online payroll software gives you the ability to complete payroll in minutes, and manage and access payroll information anywhere with an internet connection.

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Most employers choose either a weekly, biweekly or monthly cycle to make payments based on preference and compliance with state laws. While hourly employees are typically paid weekly or biweekly, monthly payment is generally more common for salaried employees. Paychex Flex is a simple, payroll-only service designed for small businesses. If your business requires benefits administration or more complex payroll help, the more robust Paychex platform or another of our high-rated services might be a better fit. A cloud payroll system is hosted on a service provider cloud whereas an on-premises payroll system is hosted on a server physically located on client premises. If you want to be in complete control of the payroll system, you should opt for on-prem payroll software. However, cloud payroll software is much cheaper than on-premises because you don’t need to maintain any hardware.

How do I pay myself if I am self-employed?

  1. Salary: You pay yourself a regular salary just as you would an employee of the company, withholding taxes from your paycheck.
  2. Owner's draw: You draw money (in cash or in kind) from the profits of your business on an as-needed basis.

You can print W-2s and 1099s for free, but to have OnPay send those forms through the mail to your office costs $5 plus shipping per form. It costs $6 plus shipping to mail those forms to an employee’s home. Large businesses typically have more complex payroll needs than small businesses and they may want to include payroll as a part of all-encompassing HR or benefits administration service. Paychex and ADP both have solutions geared toward the midrange and enterprise markets. In larger companies, payroll and benefits administration are usually handled by separate departments. In your small business, though, both of those responsibilities may land on your desk or that of another employee. There's so much overlap between payroll and HR that even if you're strictly running your payroll on a site, you'll still be doing HR tasks.

“During our negotiations, the sales rep said ‘Oh yeah, you can definitely do that,’ and it turned out we couldn’t,” one user we interviewed said. This lack of guidance probably isn’t going to be an issue for a seasoned HR pro, but for someone without much experience in payroll, it might prove to be an insurmountable hurdle. Novices may prefer the approach of Gusto or OnPay for a less stressful onboarding experience. People who want to be walked through the onboarding process are not going to love ADP.

With a monthly fee structure, you can run payroll as often as you like for one flat fee. With a per-payroll fee structure, companies charge anywhere from $10 to $100 per payroll run, plus per-employee fees of $2 to $15 per month. In addition, some payroll companies charge extra for year-end tax service and initial setup fees.

Payroll services for 50–1,000+ employees

Numerous free add-ons like a payroll calculator, employee portal, and detailed reporting. Powerful hiring and onboarding tools come standard with Deluxe's payroll service. Get enough to make better hires at the basic pricing tier or upgrade to get a wider suite of HR features to supplement this excellent payroll platform. If you already use Quickbooks for accounting, you can easily add payroll services right inside your account in just a few clicks. Even small businesses will benefit from the other HR features.

Whether you’re in growth mode or are a sole proprietor, SurePayroll has options that fit your needs. Anwar said he previously used ADP for his payroll needs, but switched because of the added features QuickBooks offers.

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