The Netherlands launched the first autonomous “killer robots” NATO

The Netherlands launched the first autonomous "killer robots" NATO

The Royal Army of the Netherlands launched the testing of armed unmanned ground vehicles (BNTS) in order to develop and clarify the doctrine at the platoon level.

Mavissen called the testing of Themis an experiment, but clarified that it was "not just tests at the training ground".

“We act under the close attention of Russians, so we are as if in a semi -operative environment,” he said.

Group robots with machine guns tested by the Netherlands are not the first in the world. In 2019, Estonia launched the naked version of Themis in Mali. In the same year, Iran showed the Zhuk-like “Kamikadze robots” Heidair-1.

In 2018, the Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the tests of military BNTS Uranus-9 in Syria. However, later it turned out that the devices did not cope with the task well and repeatedly lost contact with the dispatcher.

Recall that in October a video appeared on the network with the landing of armed robops transported by the drone.

In the same month, a coalition of six companies refused to create or support the use of devices they have developed and software for military purposes.

In June 2021, the UN recorded the first case in history when a combat drone without a direct order from the operator killed a man.

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