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After all, you should be a Java expert once you pass the exam. That's why a good understanding of modules is extremely important. Then there are people who will share their own personal experience with the exam and how they pass or failed it.

It’s a proven truth that when you write about a topic or explain it to someone, you java se 9 certification learn it better. Because the mind actually loads the data into the main memory.

List of the 9 Best Java Certification Courses You Should See

Unfortunately, this is not available yet, but coming on November 26, 2019. Thankfully, we have a couple of good study guides for the OCAJP 8 and OCPJP 8 exam, which you can buy to kick-start your preparation. One of the main problems with passing the Java 11 certification is the syllabus. If you look at the syllabus, it will seem like Java 8 certification, but it’s an entirely different exam. It’s a lot tougher, and this vague syllabus makes it even more difficult. Language and communicating skills are very weak, plus course has no particular focus my recommendation to him would be to make a course in his mother tongue, spanish I believe, first. Poor course, no subtitles, poor audio quality, poor editing, poor content, the "oracle certificate" thingy is just a click bait.

  • You can get certified in Java by taking up courses by experts.
  • We have found some amazing online Java certifications filled with great insights so that you can kickstart your career in this field.
  • The Oracle Certified Expert credentials recognize competency in specific, niche oriented technologies, architectures or domains.
  • They are a bit expensive as training is provided by Oracle, but if you can afford them, try them.
  • Your enthusiasm and drive to succeed are the most important requirements for this course.

The Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer or OCPJP is a professional-level certification. It validates the candidate’s knowledge and expertise of Java code development in Java SE 8. This certification is best for those with professional experience with Java. You can consider several ways to help you prepare for a Java certification exam. You could develop some Java applications or programs on your own as it will give you some much-needed hands-on experience. Lastly, keep up with the latest changes in the Java platform.

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A candidate can prepare for the exam by attending training and prep seminars, offered by Oracle University and practice tests from Kaplan and Transcender. These are optional and not required to have a certification. Credentials are granted based on a combination of passing exams, training and performance-based assignments, depending on the level of certification. Oracle certifications are tangible benchmarks of experience and expertise that Oracle claims to help a participant stand out in a crowd among employers. When you do Practice tests in real exams like scenarios like doing tests in a quiet room and allocating the actual time required for an exam say 180 minutes, then you can really check your progress.

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