How to Relax After Work 7 Ways to De-Stress and Stop Overthinking

While stress is a natural response, it can lead to a number of physical and mental health issues if you don't learn how to manage it. If you have a stressful job, it's important to learn how to mentally clock out when you've physically clocked out. No matter which of these options or combination of options you choose, taking the initiative to reduce stress will help your sleep, keep you in strong mental health, and may even grow into finding a new hobby. Getting stress under control is also beneficial for overall health, and will hopefully aid in reducing any uncomfortable moments at work. You probably hear this all the time, but exercise is a proven way to reduce stress, feel well, and get great sleep. Even if it’s just a walk around the block (sometimes I even just exit a stop or two early on the subway. Hey, it counts!) or a quick workout video from YouTube, getting moving is always helpful.

Any physical activity, whether it be jogging, doing yoga, or lifting weights, will help smash your stress fast. Create Diamond Artwork — Doing crafts has the same effect as drawing or painting, helping you get your mind off things, and practice positive self-expression. A new type of crafting known as diamond art painting is one of the best ways to tap into a joyful flow of creative expression. Choose diamond art kits featuring relaxing scenes to help you completely and totally unwind. When your job stresses you out tremendously, spend some time at home watching a funny movie or browsing the Internet for the latest viral videos that’ll make you chuckle. Maybe thinking back to those videos the next day will help alleviate stress as well. But according to a New York Daily News article, cooking can help reduce stress since it allows you to tap into your creative side.

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During this study, ninth-graders were randomly allocated to two groups. The students in one group were asked to write for 10 minutes about their worries and feelings related to the exam. The students in the other group were asked to write about what they thought was going to be on the exam for 10 minutes before taking it. Now that you’ve got some practical tips up your sleeve it’s time to put what you’ve learnt into action. Write a to-do list or journal your thoughts for five minutes. This will give you the mental clarity you need to relax by getting all those work-based thoughts down on paper in a structured plan.

If you’re not much of a chef, you probably don’t want to attempt to cook duck à l’orange after a grueling day in the office. Our content is created for educational purposes only.

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Consider dancing, doing yard work, playing tennis, or taking up mountain biking to get your blood flowing and those endorphins pumping. According to the American Institute of Stress, 94% of Americans reported experiencing stress in the workplace in 2019. Even a 15-minute walk around the block can make a difference. Blackout Eyemask One of the top-rated sleep masks in Canada, fall asleep Ways to Destress After Work faster with our adjustable, 100% light-blocking Blackout Sleep Mask. Weighted Robe Melt away stress & relax with our super-soft Weighted Robe. Iced Hybrid Mattress The Hush Iced Hybrid Mattress packs cooling softness, coil support, and zero motion transfer into a slim 11” profile. Franciska Krings is professor of organizational behavior at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne.

Ways to Destress After Work

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning isn’t always a dreaded chore. Cleaning and organizing your personal space can help you unwind while keeping you healthier and happier—and might lead you to view your home as more restful and restorative. Next time you need to unwind after work, let out your pent-up stress by vacuuming furiously fast around the house. Things will be clearer when you get to work again tomorrow. Watch Something Funny — Hopefully, your Netflix queue is stocked with comedies and stand-up specials! Laughing joins exercising and creating art in the long list of well-proven stress-relievers, with studies showing that it releases endorphins, soothes muscle tension, relieves pain, and improves your mood.

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